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Azolol (Azolol Capsules) is an anabolic agent of synthetic origin. This drug, the basis of which is the well-known anabolic agent stanazolol, is available in capsules and is used orally.

Stanazolol is a fairly safe drug, if we do not take into account the use of excessive doses fraught with high toxicity to the liver and premature wear of the joint and ligamentous apparatus (by the way, this feature is associated with a tendency to dehydration of the body) and many other side effects. Also, it should be noted that it can be detected in the blood up to a year. And in general, with a competent calculation of doses and support during the course, it can be used even by women.

What effect does Azolol in capsules have?

Firstly, due to the removal of water, relief is significantly increased, muscle separation improves, in this regard, this drug is liked to be used by athletes in the final stages of preparation for competitions.

Azolol successfully promotes fat burning, leaving the possibility to gain a small amount of muscle mass at the same time, provided that the caloric deficit is not too high. At the same time, the energy capacity of the athlete increases many times over.

Increases athletic performance, slightly affecting the weight of the athlete. This trait is able to please athletes whose sport involves division into weight categories.

Reduces prolactin and estradiol levels and blocks sex hormone-binding globulin (HGH).

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