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Stanabol (stanozolol)

Synonyms: stanozolol, stanozolol, stan, winstrol.

Description of the preparation STANAZOTABS (Stanozolol)

Stanozolol, better known as vinstrol, has recently been gaining popularity among bodybuilding, as among athletes engaged in athletics this drug has long held the first place. Stanozolol is unique in its chemical composition, as it is considered a drug produced by dihydrotestosterone, and unlike other steroids, which have four benzene rings in their composition, Stanozolol has five benzene rings. Another unique characteristic of this drug is that stanozolol is a progesterone antagonist. This makes it possible to suppress the progestagenic activity of other drugs, including androlone or oxymetholone. Stanozolol is available in two forms.

It is an injectable form and an oral form, but unlike other drugs, there is no difference between the injectable and oral form, as Stanozolol consists of an aqueous suspension. If you are tired of frequent injections, you can safely drink the contents of the ampoule knowing that the effect will be exactly the same. But still, intramuscular injection is a fraction of a per cent more beneficial than oral injection, except in some cases when it is exactly the opposite. Stanozolol is a drug that has a lot of uncertainty in terms of the half life of the injectable form. It consists of microcrystals that dissolve very slowly once they enter the bloodstream, but once dissolved, the level of stanozolol in the blood increases in an avalanche, after which it begins to decrease. It is because of this that the use of the drug to some extent has its own peculiarities.

It should be said that the practical use of the drug in bodybuilding today is possible only in injectable form, and this is due to the high level of stanozolol in oral form. Like dihydrotestosterone, stanozolol stabilises androgen receptors in muscle fibres very weakly and slowly. Because of this, athletes taking the drug should not expect a huge increase in muscle mass in a short time. Also stanozolol unlike other drugs is not converted to estradiol and this also affects the sharp increase in mass. However, local injections lead to a significant increase in the muscle group where the injection was made, as well as the achieved muscle mass gain is maintained for a long time. If you are not preparing for competitions and you do not have to undergo doping tests in the future, you can safely use stanozolol.

Dosage of the preparation Stanabol (Stanozolol)

The recommended dosage of Stanozolol is defined by the limits of 50-100 mg per day. Professional athletes can use a dosage of up to 300 mg per day. It is highly recommended to take this product every day to get the desired effect. Increasing the dosage up to 300 mg per day may contribute to the detection of side effects. Since stanozolol is alkylated at 17 it is toxic to the liver and also contributes to prostate detection and hair loss.

Side effects of this drug: at high dosages liver function is disturbed and if you do not stop taking it, you can ruin your liver. It has a negative effect on the prostate, possible acne, premature baldness in men who have a genetic tendency to baldness.

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