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Stanozolin, aka Winstrol, is a unique steroid that is made from testosterone by modifying it molecularly, acquiring unique properties in the process. It has 5 benzene rings and can neutralise progesterone. It is produced both in tablet form and as an injection.

Stanozolin oral is ordered to suppress the progestagenic activity of various substances, for example, the drug Nandropolone. Although the remedy does not have the highest anabolic characteristics, it perfectly copes with the launch of mechanisms that promote active fat burning. Many athletes seek to buy Stanozolol oral to use it as an alternative to Anavar, but at a more affordable price.

According to bodybuilders, Stanozolin is, after all, one of the best anabolics, which is second only to Testosterone and Trenobol. It gained worldwide popularity at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. At them, Canadian Ben Johnson ran the hundred metres in a record time. It took only 9.79 seconds for the track and field athlete to cover this distance, all thanks to Korean Stanozolol. On the other hand, he lost the Olympic title because of it.

How Stanozolin works

Stanozolin became known to practical medicine in 1959. It was produced in the UK by the Winthrop laboratory. The drug was available for sale, but it could be ordered only with a prescription. Sterling bought the right to manufacture and supply Stanozolol for the USA in 1961. It gained popularity in the American market under the name Winstrol.

Initially, Stanozolol was used to eradicate ailments that affected muscles and tissues. The drug was also used to treat burns and fight osteoporosis. It could even be bought for children if they had problems with stunting. Interestingly, for some time Stanozolol was considered an excellent remedy for anaemia, which turned out to be just an unfortunate misconception.

The current practice is to use Stanozolol oral in hereditary angiodystrophy, which leads to swelling. It affects the limbs, throat, face, intestines and genitals. Anabolic is able to reduce the severity of the course of the disease.

If we talk about athletes, they appreciate the steroid because of the minimum number of negative reactions. The chemical drug helps them in achieving the desired effect and at the same time brings only relatively little harm to the body.

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