Stanozolol BAYER – 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)

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Stanozolol Bayer is an anabolic steroid with reduced androgenic activity. The index of its anabolic activity exceeds that of testosterone more than 3 times. Tablet form is very convenient to take, however, it can have a toxic effect on the human liver.

In bodybuilding, anabolik is common among both beginners and already experienced athletes. It is taken to increase the density and relief of the musculature, as well as for explosive power and increasing the endurance of the body. The steroid has a fat-burning effect and promotes the excretion of excess fluid.

Stanozolol from Bayer: description

Winthrop Laboratories developed the first preparation of stanozolol for sale back in 1962. Initially, the steroid was intended for veterinary use, but today its modern analogues are more often used by people for sports or even medicinal purposes. The veterinary properties of stanozolol have been highly regarded, no less than its effectiveness as a sports doping agent. The anabolic was once used to enhance speed and strength performance in animals, including running horses. To date, it has (presumably) not lost its medicinal purpose.

Stanozolol (10mg/tab, 100tab) from Bayer Schering Pharma is structurally a modification of the testosterone molecule, with an alkyl group at the 17-alpha position, which makes the drug resistant to liver enzymes. The same property is a disadvantage of the oral form, as the active substance is toxic to the liver. One of the advantages of the drug becomes its high bioavailability to the body.

The properties of the tablets affect not so much the mass gain of the athlete, but rather the formation of relief of the already existing musculature. The drug is valued in various sports – light and heavy athletics, powerlifting and bodybuilding. A large increase in strength and endurance is appreciated by many buyers.

Burning fat and removal of excess fluid from the body gives a clear drawing and venous pattern, so Stanozolol Bayer Stanozolol is more often used for drying (although it can be effectively included in mass-building courses to consolidate results). The duration of action of the drug after administration is equal to 8 hours, and after the end of the course, the decay products are detected for several months.

Such anabolic does not cause serious side effects, because it is not aromatised and is not converted into estrogens. This means that there is no risk of gynaecomastia. In general, the drug is considered relatively safe for human intake.

With a competently designed course rarely occur such side effects as a rise in blood pressure, increase in cholesterol, joint pain. And in case of occurrence, they are usually easily eliminated by taking appropriate drugs.

The cost of Stanozolol Bayer is not low, but the price does not reduce the popularity of the drug. The effectiveness of its use pays for all the costs. In addition, the course of the steroid does not require the use of post-course therapy and anti-estrogens.

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