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Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

After entering the human body, the substance activates its genetic apparatus, increasing the synthesis of RNA, DNA, structural proteins, activating tissue respiration and link enzymes. The drug stimulates reactions of oxidative phosphorylation, ATP synthesis and accumulation of macroergases in the cell. Under the action of the drug there is a stimulation of anabolic and suppression of catabolic processes. The substance improves tissue trophicity and retains phosphorus, nitrogen, sulphur and calcium in the body. sulphur and calcium in the body (then it is deposited in the bones). Due to the ability to increase the synthesis of erythropoietin . the drug stimulates haemopoiesis.

Also, the drug has an anti-allergic effect . as it increases the concentration of the C1 fraction of complement. The relatively high androgenic activity of the substance promotes the development of secondary male sexual characteristics.

Whatever way the drug penetrates into the systemic bloodstream, through the gastrointestinal tract or directly into the blood, its metabolism occurs in the liver. The elimination half-life is about 24 hours. The drug is excreted mainly by the kidneys.

Indications for use

Stanozolol in tablets for medical purposes is prescribed:

  • in disorders of protein synthesis processes and cachexia of various origins;
  • as part of the complex treatment of various injuries and burns;
  • during the period of recovery after surgery, infection or radiation;
  • in preparation for surgery;
  • in muscular dystrophy . toxic goitre . osteoporosis ;
  • patients with negative nitrogen balance during corticosteroid treatment ;
  • Hypoplastic and hypoplastic anaemia .


The substance is contraindicated for use:

  • in case of allergy to Stanozolol;
  • patients with prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women;
  • if breast carcinoma in women is accompanied by hypercalcaemia ;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • persons with cardiac ischaemia . atherosclerosis ;
  • chronic prostatitis or its exacerbation;
  • pregnant women;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • under 18 years of age.

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